Thursday, 4 April 2013

Police officer tasks

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Police officer tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Police officer in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Police officer duties:

  1. Protects lives and property through active foot patrols and mobile patrols, enforcing laws, and investigating crimes.
  2. Provides first aid and emergency services.
  3. Investigates accidents, enforces parking and traffic regulations, and campus regulations.
  4. Conducts crime prevention and security programs, guard service, and directs traffic.
  5. Maintains logs of radio, telephone, and teletype activities and monitors alarm systems and other police radio frequencies.
  6. Operates police network computers and dispatches police officers in response to calls.
II. List of Police officer qualifications

  1. A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  2. Eligible to obtain and maintain a Special Police Officer Commission
  3. Must possess a valid driver's license and obtain university driving privileges
  4. Possess or be able to obtain certification at recognized law enforcement training academy or equivalent
  5. Must be able to complete all required university police training, including certification in Arrest Control Tactics, PR24 Baton, Expandable Baton, and Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol (Pepper Spray) Training
  6. Must possess high level verbal and written skills
  7. Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population
  8. Must possess a working knowledge of computer skills and telecommunications equipment
  9. Must be able to use wordprocessing software, email, electronic forms and the Internet
  10. Law enforcement officer certification from a federal, state, local or campus law enforcement agency/academy
  11. 1 year of law enforcement, military or security experience
  12. Experience working in a dispatch or alarm monitoring center

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