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Police chief tasks

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Police chief tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Police chief in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Police chief duties:

         1.            Plan, organize, and direct all employees and activities of the Police Department in the enforcement of laws and ordinances, the prevention of crime, the investigation of traffic matters and criminal cases in the protection of life and property.
         2.            Demonstrate initiative, exercise wide discretion, and generally function independently with respect to technical police and law enforcement procedures and practices.
         3.            Formulate and enforce departmental rules and regulations, and work methods and procedures; develop programs and procedures to meet new situations to improve existing operations and effectiveness.
         4.            Receives and evaluates complaints filed against departmental personnel; investigates reviews and renders decisions on the findings of internal investigations.
         5.            Review all personnel assignments within the department, as well as the activities and reports of all officers; counsels staff on departmental policies, procedures, and practices, and enforces disciplinary measures when necessary.
         6.            Prepare annual departmental budget estimates and recommendations, and control the expenditure of all departmental funds; supervise the preparation of applications for and administer all State and federally assisted projects.
         7.            Makes presentations to the City Council, citizen and special interest groups, civil and volunteer groups and other interested groups to inform regarding police services and programs and to maintain effective community relations.
         8.            Prepares statistical and narrative reports for submission to the City Council, local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies; maintains various departmental records.
         9.            Develops and implements training for police department personnel.
     10.            Performs other duties as may be assigned.

II. List of Police chief qualifications

         1.            Must be certified by the Virginia State Department for Criminal Justice Services to perform police duties in the commonwealth of Virginia (or be able to have certification conferred by another jurisdiction outside of Virginia). Such a certification may be conferred to police managers from other jurisdictions provided they meet certain professional qualifications. Candidates must have significant years of relevant command experience and be able to obtain Virginia certification within 12 months of accepting this position;
         2.            Advanced degree and/or completion of a law enforcement management program such as the FBI Academy, and experience equivalent to an advanced degree;
         3.            Demonstrated experience in working and leading diverse constituencies, and ability to communicate effectively is essential;
         4.            Extensive skills and experience in physical threat assessment and management; knowledgeable of trends, issues and needs in the security industry; significant experience in emergency management activity including project management; experience as a persuasive and articulate leader who is able to communicate securityrelated and emergency preparedness concepts to a broad range of staff, university leaders, and local officials; exceptional teambuilding skills, collaborative and processmanagement skills; effective critical thinking, reasoning, and judgment/decision making skills;
         5.            Candidates should have significant years of relevant experience with increasing responsibility in law enforcement, emergency management, or security services of which considerable years must be in a senior leadership role;
         6.            Demonstrated experience managing unique community policing approaches necessary in a residential higher education environment; and
         7.            Campus law enforcement experience and knowledge of accreditation standards are strongly preferred.

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