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Police chaplain functions

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Police chaplain functions

In this post, you can ref key functions of Police chaplain in details. Based on this function list, you can set up daily duties, weekly duties, monthly tasks/activities.

I. List of Police chaplain duties:

         1.            Provides ministry to all patients & their families according to age-related needs
 Supports patients & their families in times of crisis, anxiety, & sorrow
         2.            Provides to the religious needs of patients, families, & staff
         3.            Establishes & nurtures outside networks of members of the religious community to ensure spiritual & emotional needs of patients are addressed by appropriate ecclesiastical persons
         4.            Organizes & promotes religious services such as memorial services, & baptisms for patients & their families as needed
         5.            Provides or oversees the patient's spiritual care & documents all visits, observations & interventions in the patient's clinical record including contact with spiritual caregivers outside the health care team
         6.            Attends interdisciplinary team meetings & participate in formulating/evaluating patient care plans
         7.            Development of personalized patient care plans
         8.            Daily interaction with staff & interdisciplinary team members
         9.            On-call 24 hours, 7 days per week (pages consultation & patient visits)
     10.            Attends in-services
     11.            Conducts in-services for staff in regard to providing spiritual support

II. List of Police chaplain qualifications
  1. Master's Degree in Divinity or Equivalent degree
  2. Provide documentation of a minimum of four units of Clinical Pastoral Education  (CPE) accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), the National Association of Catholic Chaplains , or the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE/ACPEP).  Note:  Of the required four units of CPE, an equivalency for one of the units may be considered
  3. Certification as a chaplain by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, the Association of Professional Chaplains or the National Association of Jewish Chaplains or the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education is encouraged within two years of hire. (Providence Standards of Excellence for Spiritual Care, Standard III, Article 29)
  4. Provide documentation of current endorsement of, or good standing in a denomination in accordance witht the requirements of his/her faith tradition

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