Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Federal police tasks

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Federal police tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Federal police in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Federal police duties:
  1. Within your consumer lending underwriting authority, carefully consider and render timely decisions on Visa Credit Card, Auto Loan, and Home Equity Loan applications submitted by members.
  2. For loan applications that fall outside your lending authority, make a recommendation to lending management for loan approval or rejection.
  3. Review the credit report of members who submit loan applications to evaluate if they should be cross-sold a product in addition to what the product for which they applied.
  4. For members who don’t qualify for the Visa Credit Card, Auto Loan, or Home Equity Loan for which they applied, consider alternatives that may help the member and make a counter-offer.  Debt consolidation Signature Loans are often helpful for members who are requesting an increase in a credit card or personal line of credit.
  5. Speak with members who are declined for credit as needed.  Offer suggestions for what the member may need to do to be approved for a loan in the future.
  6. Support branch and call center staff that may have questions from a member regarding a Visa Credit Card, Auto Loan, and Home Equity loan decision.
  7. Gain an understanding of PFFCU’s consumer loan products - Visa Credit Card, Auto Loan, Home Equity Loans, Personal Line of Credit, and Signature Loan.
  8. Learn PFFCU’s lending policies and loan underwriting guidelines, especially with regard to credit score thresholds, debt to income ratios, and LTV for home equity loans.
  9. Understand federal fair lending laws and ensure that you comply.
  10. Support PFFCU new auto lending program, through auto dealers and underwrite indirect auto loans.
  11. Support PFFCU’s corporate values of member service, teamwork, commitment, and performance.
II. List of Federal police qualifications
  1. Excellent verbal communication skills
  2.  Pleasant and energetic customer service demeanor
  3. Ability to promote all products and services with cross selling to meet member needs
  4.  Work schedule flexibility to meet business needs
  5. Excellent mathematical skills
  6.  Detail oriented with ability to multitask Organized professional
  7.  Team player
  8.  Excellent computer skills and familiarity with financial software
  9. Education:  High school diploma, GED or equivalent required. Equivalent to a two-year college degree or completion of a specialized course of study at a business or trade school.
  10. Training and Experience:  Three to five years of increasingly responsible experience in similar or related areas required.
-       Secondary Mortgage Market experience
-       Prior Loan Approval Authority, desirable
  1. Required License and/or Documentation: Valid California driver's license, proof of current insurance coverage, valid Notary Public license proof of Notary bond coverage, and valid registration through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry as enacted and required by the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) for Mortgage Licensing Act.

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