Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Border police tasks

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Border police tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Border police in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Border police duties:
  1. Receive emergency calls from the public requesting police or other emergency service; determine nature, location and priority of calls and dispatch units accordingly; transfer calls to appropriate agency in accordance with established procedures.
  2. Obtain and dispatch other support services including helicopter support, tactical teams, bomb squad, canine, public works, fire department, medical response, highway patrol and border patrol.
  3. Maintain contact with all units on assignment through computer aided dispatch; maintain status and location of police field units; maintain computer records of traffic stops and other officer initiated activity.
  4. Operate a variety of public safety communications equipment including a multi-channel radio, 911 emergency telephone equipment, computer aided dispatch systems, instant recall recorders, and paging and intercom systems. Type minimum of 40 nwpm.
  5. Operate computer terminals and teletype machine to enter, modify, and retrieve data such as stolen and recovered property, towed and stolen vehicles, missing and unidentified persons, citations, field interviews, driver license and vehicle registration information, and warrants on wanted persons; compose and transmit messages to other agencies.
  6. Retrieve information from State and National computer networks regarding wanted persons, stolen property, vehicle registration, stolen vehicles, restraining orders, criminal histories, parolees and other related information; relay information to officers in the field.
  7. Perform minor routine maintenance on department equipment including dispatch and general office machines; request service and repairs as necessary.
II. List of Border police qualifications
  1. Must be U.S.  Citizen
  2. CBP Background Investigation (including police and credit check) required and must either hold a current DoD secret clearance or be able to qualify for one.
  3. If offered the position the candidate will start AFTER the 2-6 month security clearance background process.
  4. Currently live local to Alexandria, VA and able to interview in person on short notice.
  5. Willing to work on a long-term contract, preferably on a 1099 basis without benefits.
  6. At least two years current or recent experience in a law enforcement agency as an emergency call taker AND radio operator (must be law enforcement dispatching). 
Experience in operation of a computer aided dispatch system (CAD) is required.

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