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Airport police tasks

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Airport police tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Airport police in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Airport police duties:

1.      Assists customers as with general information, inquires, order selection and recommendations, etc.
2.      Brews a wide variety of specialty coffees, tea, chocolate, using coffee urns or makers, teapots, drink mixers, etc. Answers customer's questions concerning available products.
3.      Properly, safely, and efficiently prepares various food products following and observing standard food handling procedures. Obtains products requested by customers.
4.      May prepare and issue iced beverages, such as fountain or bottled drinks, etc.
5.      May make sandwiches, hot dogs, tea, etc.
6.      Serves, wraps, or bags customer products.
7.      Operates cash register to record price, compile printed list, and display costs.
 Totals price (or tax), accepts payment, and makes change on products to be purchased by customer.
8.      May calculate any applicable sales discount to determine price. May keep record of sales, prepare inventory of stock, or order merchandise.
9.      Removes and records amount of cash in register at end of shift.
10.  Follows corporate and/or unit cash handling policies and procedures.
 Maintains a variety of products at certain levels in preparation, serving, or storage areas including service machines.
11.  May stock beverage machine(s) and keeps them clean and routinely maintained.
12.  Checks area periodically to make sure all is continually stocked and everything is full/working.
13.  Stock shelves, counters, or tables with food or concession stand items
14.  Stocks storage areas with various products.
15.  Observes any problems with the quality or quantity of food being served and takes appropriate steps to resolve issues.
16.  Prepares special lists and their prices.
17.  Continually wipes and cleans dining room and other associated areas.
18.  Cleans shelves, counters, or tables. Cleans and polishes utensils and equipment used in food and beverage preparation.
19.  Cleans dishes, utensils, pots, pans etc. and places in assigned storage areas in a an organized and orderly manner.
20.  Cleans, sweeps, wipes down, etc. all general dining, kitchen, or storage areas (in some cases), spike rooms, and equipment as well as all floors.
21.  Removes garbage from assigned areas, sets up or breaks down tables, snack bars, display cases, serving lines, etc.

II. List of Airport police qualifications
  1. Observes extensive grooming, customer service, and uniform/dress standards.
  2. English language skill sufficient to: 1. Read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. 2. Communicate effectively orally with supervisors, coworkers, clients and/or customers. 3. Read a limited number of 2 to 3 syllable words and to recognize similarities and differences between words or a series of numbers.
  3. Math Skills: Calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference, or volume. Reasoning Abilities: Apply common sense understanding to carry out simple 1 to 2 step instructions.
  4.  Some recent positive training and/or experience that included professional food handling or food preparation responsibilities. Such background or experience must have demonstrated a familiarity with and/or commitment to working in the food service area.
  5. The ability to work effectively with a minimum of supervision.
  6. An ability to quickly learn about the products being sold, cash register operation, site features and NMS's customer service expectations/standards.
  7. Dedication to understanding and exceeding customer expectations/needs.
  8. Recognition that service is a demonstrated attitude and a state of mind, not a task or step.
  9. Must be able to pass 10 year background check and fingerprinting for the Airport Police/TSA.

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