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Railroad police career description

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Railroad police career description

In this post, you can ref career description of Railroad police in details. A complete career description concludes Railroad police key duties/responsibilities, Railroad police career qualifications (knowledge, education, skills, abilities, experience…KSA model) and other ones such as daily tasks, key activities, key/core competencies, job functions/purpose…

I. List of Railroad police duties:

         1.            Observe and report safety issues and rail abnormalities including, but not limited to, safe passage of trains, track conditions, overhead conditions, and facilitate efficient movement of trains on a daily basis.
         2.            Perform patrol activities including facility checks, rail surveillance, trespasser abatement, inspection of trains and container seals, crime hot spots, and terminal yards. Engage in foot pursuits within yard/terminal, if necessary, to apprehend trespassers or suspects as policy, procedures, and safety allows.
         3.            Prevent, detect, and deter terrorist activities in conjunction with other CSXT departments and public agencies to include law enforcement and homeland security entities.
         4.            Provide expertise to local law enforcement organizations investigating accidents and incidents at crossings and other railroad/public points of contact. Act as a facilitator to ensure the continuation of rail service after accidents, incidents, crimes, or weather related emergencies..
         5.            Investigate crimes on or against the railroad that include theft, vandalism, derailment, signal damage, and track obstructions. Escort and protect CSXT trains and the traveling public on Amtrak and commuter rail operations while on CSXT tracks.
         6.            Establish collaborative partnerships with state, local, and federal government and criminal justice agencies as well as internal (CSX) and external customers (e.g., organizations and community) to ensure the apprehension and prosecution of persons who commit crimes on or against the railroad.
         7.            Complete administrative duties such as situation reports, ordering and maintaining equipment, position training, entering information in various police systems and databases and participating in local task forces.
         8.            Miscellaneous activities and responsibilities as assigned by manager.

II. List of Railroad police qualifications

                  1.            High School diploma/GED or Associates degree from an accredited institution required
                  2.            3 or more years of experience required in county, municipal or state Law Enforcement
                  3.             Bachelors or higher degree from an accredited institution required
                  4.            1 or more years of experience required in county, municipal or state Law Enforcement
                  5.            Preferred Qualifications
                  6.            In addition to meeting the above qualifications, any of the following are preferred:
                  7.            Bachelors degree from an accredited institution in Criminal Justice
                  8.            3 or more years of experience in county, municipal or state Law Enforcement
 Certifications/Licenses: certified or commissioned law enforcement officer
                  9.            Criminal investigation training, experience, or other in depth specialized police/law enforcement training coursework resulting in continuing education credits or instructor certification; experience dealing with multiple jurisdictions (i.e. booking procedures)
              10.            Knowledge of railroad rules, operations, equipment, and regulations (i.e. Federal Railroad Administration)
              11.            Knowledge of investigative practices and procedures
              12.            Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
              13.            Conflict Resolution skills
              14.            Decision making skills utilizing own initiative
              15.            Written and communication skills
              16.            Self motivated and proactive in performance of duties
              17.            Possess highest level of professional standards and ethics and ability to act with tact and impartiality
              18.            Ability to work autonomously and with limited supervision for extended periods of time
              19.            Ability to identify, analyze and develop solutions
              20.            Ability to proactively approach, speak, engage and build relationships with internal and external customers, local community members, and diverse individuals, groups and organizations
              21.            Ability to engage and communicate with diverse individuals, groups and organizations
              22.            Ability to focus on needs of Company, department, community and diverse public
              23.            Ability to work effectively and courteously with citizens, community and company employees and develop strong working relationships both inside the organization and within the community
              24.            Ability to organize and prioritize goals with limited resources
              25.            Ability to physically apprehend suspects or trespassers on CSX property (e.g., run, jump, restrain, etc.)

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