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Police clerk career description

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Police clerk career description

In this post, you can ref career description of Police clerk in details. A complete career description concludes Police clerk key duties/responsibilities, Police clerk career qualifications (knowledge, education, skills, abilities, experience…KSA model) and other ones such as daily tasks, key activities, key/core competencies, job functions/purpose…

I. List of Police clerk duties:

  1. Process and store evidence, ensuring that special processing and/or laboratory analysis is conducted in a prompt and proper manner. Forwards reports, photographs, and other materials to other department components. Transports evidence to lab. Exercises proper security measures over evidence and property to ensure proper chain-of-custody.
  2.  Prepares and maintains files, reports, and logs, documenting the collection, processing, storage, handling, and analysis of evidence and property. Maintains and updates computer records regarding the disposition of cases and related evidence and property.
  3. Conducts property and evidence release, disposal, and auction, in accordance with departmental policy and applicable state statute.
  4. Conducts daily and/or weekly inspections of respective supplies of photography, identification, and evidence collection or processing equipment.
  5. Other duties as assigned by the Lieutenant over Investigations, Assistant Chief and Chief of Police.
II. List of Police clerk qualifications
  1. Be United States citizens
  2. Be at least 21 years of age and under 35 years of age (except as permitted by statute)
  3. Be in good physical and mental condition
  4. A thorough knowledge of departmental policies regarding the storage and retention of evidence and property, in addition to a working knowledge and familiarity with applicable local, state, and federal laws and statutes related to evidence. Incumbent must be organized, trustworthy, and dependable.
  5. Ability to prioritize, plan and organize workload in order to fulfill duties quickly and efficiently. Ability to fulfill necessary duties with a minimum of supervision. Ability to make responsible decisions and function effectively.
  6. Acceptable Experience and Training
  7. The minimum requirements of this position are as follows: High School diploma or equivalent required. Training will be provided to the acceptable candidate. He/she must not have any prior arrests or convictions for theft, drug possession, or any related offense(s), and must successfully complete intensive background investigation, and drug/alcohol screen.

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