Sunday, 31 March 2013

Police assistant functions

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Police assistant functions

In this post, you can ref key functions of Police assistant in details. Based on this function list, you can set up daily duties, weekly duties, monthly tasks/activities.

I. List of Police assistant duties:

  1. Prepares prosecution packets for appropriate authorities.
  2. Takes all calls for Police Department. Prepares “called-in” or “walk-in” Police Reports (i.e. thefts, extra patrol requests).
  3. Maintains files. Paper files and computer files (word processing and accounting).
  4. Prepares monthly reports.
  5. Must be able to pass background check. Will process local and national secure police databases.
  6. Performs all other duties as assigned.
II. List of Police assistant qualifications

  1. Must be able to communicate orally and in writing
  2. Ability to respond to complaints from citizens in a tactful manner
  3. Ability to keep records, maintain schedule, and handle paper work tasks
  4. Basic Computer skills required
  5. 60 WPM typing and word processing preferred. Experience in Microsoft Office/Word/Power Point/Excel preferred.
  6. High school diploma or G.E.D. required.
  7. Basic computer skills required.
  8. One to three years experience preferred.
  9. Must be able to be bonded.

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