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Deputy chief of police functions

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Deputy chief of police functions

In this post, you can ref key functions of Deputy chief of police in details. Based on this function list, you can set up daily duties, weekly duties, monthly tasks/activities.

I. List of Deputy chief of police duties:

  1. Supervises, plans, procures, implements and directs the activities of the IT business systems, enterprise infrastructure management, enterprise architecture branches within ITSV in providing support for the Authority's financial, payroll and personnel systems, purchasing and materials management systems, Bus and Rail automated systems, cost management information and construction systems, transit police systems, fare collection and Regional Customer Service systems.
  2. Assists the Chief in the preparation of annual and long-range forecasts for budgetary and other management purposes for the Office of Information Technology and Services. Assists the Chief in providing similar forecasts and long-range plans for IT services for the Authority to include the continued cost benefits of existing systems.
  3. Establishes IT policies and standards consistent with the Authority's goals and the priorities necessary to achieve those goals. Keeps officials apprised on the application and utilization of IT services.
  4. Provides technical assistance to Authority officials and user offices on sophisticated computerized IT applications.
  5. Oversees the day-to-day computer operation, ensuring that data security policies and procedures are adhered to.
  6. Ensures a comprehensive capacity monitoring program to assess current utilization levels and programs for expansion as required.
  7. Ensures that an effective database management system, data warehousing system, and effective decision support and executive information system (DSS/EIS) tools are established with effective procedures and controls.
  8. Oversees technical services to ensure proper management design, installation and troubleshooting of the Authority's communications networks. Makes recommendations for using fiber optic technology as appropriate.
  9. Ensures that all applications and systems are properly documented and that methods of tracking all existing and proposed systems are effectively monitored and cross-utilized to the maximum extent practicable. Ensures that all software applications are developed and installed in accordance with an approved Life Cycle Methodology.
  10. Evaluates and discusses performance of personnel, recommending various forms of commendation or disciplinary action as appropriate and equitable. Oversees selection and training of staff within the available training budget to ensure a high level of competence, coordinating training with the Office of Personnel and Training, where appropriate. May also manage the contractors associated with contracts issued by OIT.
II. List of Deputy chief of police qualifications

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of information management and information technology systems, including major computer systems development, and computer hardware and software.
  2. Knowledge of, or the ability to rapidly acquire a knowledge of, the laws, ordinances, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, etc. which impact the Authority's operation.
  3. Extensive knowledge of business process improvement (BPI) methodology, strategic planning for information systems, enterprise architecture and data processing principles, practices and techniques including data communication networks and operating systems software.
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of mainframe, midrange and desktop operating systems software and related support systems including maintenance, utilities, data base management, security, productivity, scheduling, capacity management, event-recording, data communications and transaction processing.
  5. Knowledge of management programs, principles, practices and strategic planning to plan coordinate and ensure proper implementation of all information technology policies.
  6. Ability to assist the Chief in the preparation of annual and long-range budget plans; to ensure activities function effectively within approved constraints; to ensure that all resources are effectively utilized.
  7. Demonstrable ability to supervise, train and evaluate subordinate professional staff in compliance with applicable Authority personnel and labor relations policies, procedures, regulations and agreements; and to organize a multi-disciplinary organization.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively.

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