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Community police officer functions

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Community police officer functions

In this post, you can ref key functions of Community police officer in details. Based on this function list, you can set up daily duties, weekly duties, monthly tasks/activities.

I. List of Community police officer duties:

1.      Proactively patrol a designated area during an assigned shift to preserve order and enforce traffic regulations.
2.      Investigate disturbances to determine appropriate action.
3.      Investigate calls of a non-threatening nature (e.g., injured or ill subjects and civil disagreements) to determine appropriate action.
4.      Investigate vehicle accidents and determine appropriate action.
5.      Patrol traffic and parking areas to enforce regulations.
6.      Respond to all emergencies during assigned duty shift. Administer first aid/perform CPR/ apply AED as necessary.
7.      Operate communication equipment; transmit all citizen complaint calls to appropriate police officer or other departments as appropriate for action and/or follow-up.
8.      Prepare written reports of incidents occurring on assigned shift.
9.      Maintain certification by the Illinois Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officer's Training & Standards Board.
10.  Maintain annual firearms certification as required by Illinois Public Act 94-103.
11.  Maintain LEADS and AED/CPR certification.
12.  Participate in a minimum of 32 hours of in-service training per year.

II. List of Community police officer qualifications

1. Associate's degree (AA) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
2. Two years prior police experience.
3. Be 21 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen.
4. Possess a valid Illinois driver's license.
5. Must be able to walk eight hours per day and assist in evacuating non-ambulatory persons in an emergency.
6. Ability to analyze situations and to adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action.
7. Ability to use good discretion and deal courteously but firmly with general public.
8. Strong oral and written communication skills.
9. Availability and ability to work varying shift assignments.
10. Ability to work in conditions that include exposure to extreme weather, intense physical activity, combat with armed and or/dangerous persons, individuals with contagious diseases, and safety hazards associated with emergency driving and traffic control.

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