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Chief of police functions

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Chief of police functions

In this post, you can ref key functions of Chief of police in details. Based on this function list, you can set up daily duties, weekly duties, monthly tasks/activities.

I. List of Chief of police duties:

1.      Assist in the professional development and growth of subordinates.
2.      Maintain current technical knowledge of all local, state and federal regulations related to law enforcement and personnel administration.
3.      Responsible for the preparation of statistical data reports, assessments of the Police Department and monitoring the progress of all open criminal investigations.
4.      Develop knowledge of the overall College operations.
5.      Assist in providing the Chief of Police or designee with an annual (calendar) year report addressing crime on campus and an academic year report addressing all facets of the Department’s operation.
6.      Receive supervision from the Chief of Police.
7.      Direct enforcement of City of Baton Rouge ordinances, state, and federal laws on the campus and college property.
8.      Direct investigations of offenses related to crimes committed on the campus.
9.      Assist in developing plans in coordination with sponsoring departments and outside agencies for traffic controls, personal security, and safety concerning events held on campus. 
10.  Assist in developing and maintaining a Department Policy and Procedures Manual, Emergency Procedures Manual, Fire Plan, the College’s Hurricane and Severe Weather Plan and Bomb Threat Plan.
11.  Remain on call 24 hours per day for emergency purposes.  Provide direct response to emergency situations. 
12.  Demonstrate knowledge of public relations operation. 
13.  Perform other duties as necessary and assigned by supervisor. 

II. List of Chief of police qualifications

  1.  US citizen
  2. High School diploma or GED Equivalency
  3. 21 yoa at time of hire
  4. No felony or Domestic Violence convictions
  5. Meet Driving /Drug Criteria listed on pp. 12 & 13 of Application Packet found on web site
  6.  Pass entry PT -  to meet the 40th percentile listed on pp. 3 & 4 of Application Packet       (Cheyenne sits at 6,100 feet elevation)
  7. After passing the Oral Board applicants must complete the following: Chief’s Interview, Background Investigation to include a local site visit; polygraph; psychological evaluation; and a medical exam to include a drug screen; Advanced degree and/or completion of a law enforcement management program such as the FBI Academy, and experience equivalent to an advanced degree;
  8. Demonstrated experience in working and leading diverse constituencies, and ability to communicate effectively is essential;
  9. Candidates should have significant years of relevant experience with increasing responsibility in law enforcement, emergency management, or security services of which considerable years must be in a senior leadership role;
  10. Demonstrated experience managing unique community policing approaches necessary in a residential higher education environment; and
  11. Campus law enforcement experience and knowledge of accreditation standards are strongly preferred.

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